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Ellen Rowe LMT

Ellen Rowe, LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher

I am the only Therapist at this location so I am unable offer couple sessions.


Mine is a simple life, punctuated by a loving family. I am

married to my amazing husband, who blessed me with two step-daughters. They blessed us with a son-in-law, and one granddaughter.

My completion of the 600-hour therapeutic massage program at The Healing Arts Center has provided me with the perfect opportunity to serve. I work exclusively as a Massage Therapist. 


Each of my clients is important to me. I want each of them to experience the benefits of massage and see first hand the many ways bodywork can improve one’s sense of health and well being.

One need not wait (as I did) to have a minor health issue before exploring complementary wellness therapies.

YOU are important. A focus on self-care, with regular massage, is a great way to maintain and improve the way you feel and look.

YOU deserve to feel great!

Take time for you and make an appointment.

I look forward to our first session.






Very Skilled, Professional, Therapeutic Masseuse. Excellent communication and attentive to patient problems and injuries.


Ellen did an amazing job. Her personal touch and expertise is amazing

Ellen continues to amaze me! She is so intuitive! I bring my own essential oils I feel my body needs at the time. Usually 2-4 of them. I leave it to her to determine what will be applied where. Today, along with my oils, I brought a new product called Renu28 by ASEA. She applied this to my neck and shoulders and a few other tight, painful spots. It was marvelous! Thank you Ellen!!

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